Causes Of The Fear Of Bathing

The fear of bathing is technically referred to as ablutophobia. Many of these sufferers can link this fear to a traumatic event that happened in their past. Others may develop this phobia due to what their parents showed them growing up. For kids who parents had this fear of bathing, they likely did everything possible to avoid taking a bath or shower. These kids learned that this was the right way to live their lives, so know they have the fear. You can read more about the signs and symptoms where you visit there.

What Is A Phobia?

A phobia is specific type of a fear and anxiety disorder. This is when an irrational fear of a situation or object keeps you from doing the things you want in life. That’s pretty simply put.

Phobia sufferers tend to go to great lengths to avoid being exposed to their fears. Most of these fears tend to be greatly disproportional to the actual danger that you face when you are exposed to your fear.

When these sufferers can’t avoid their fears, they tend to go into a state of panic. They try to escape, but when they can’t they go into anxiety overload. You can learn more about phobias there.

Ever heard of Dermatographic Hives?

You are probably more familiar with the term ‘skin writing’, but in technical terms this is a skin condition called Dermatographic Hives. It is also referred to as dermographism. This is one of the most common types of urticaria that humans can become infected with. This condition basically allows the suffered to pressure mark anything on their skin and it will stick around for about thirty minutes to an hour.

In medical terms, this is commonly believed to be caused by mast cells on the surface of the skin releasing histamines that don’t have antigens. When the histamines release the weak membrane of the skin cells begin to swell where they were infected. It’s pretty much an allergic reaction that allows welts on appear on the surface of the skin.

This can be caused by scratching or rubbing up against something. The welts typically appear in a matter of minutes can can leave in about the same amount of time. Other suffers will have the welts on their skin for a couple of hours. It just really depends on the person that is infected with the hives infection.

You can learn all about this odd disease at This is a great online resource for everything having to do with hives. You should take a look if you are curious about this skin infection.